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What is the Procedure for Change in Address for Shares?

29, Aug 2020
What is the Procedure for Change in Address for Shares?

The article will answer the following questions relating to change in address for Shares


If there is a change in my address what is the procedure to get it recorded?


  1. If the shares held by you are in physical form, kindly send a request lettersigned by the shareholder (first named shareholder in case of joint-holders) giving the new address along with the Pin Code. Please quote your folio number without fail. In case the shares held by you are in demat,please inform the change to your DP.

Annexure 1: Request Letter


Annexure 1:




Name of the RTA

(Unit: _______________________ )


Dear Sir,

I/We hereby request you to please update my/our change in address in your Records for the Registered Folio No.________________

Old Address                                                                                New Address


 ___________________________________                          ___________________________________


 ___________________________________                          ___________________________________


 ___________________________________                          ___________________________________


City________________________________                           ___________________________________


State_______________________________                           ___________________________________


Pin code____________________________                            ___________________________________

As required, I/We am/are attaching herewith copies of Proof of Address (POA)and Photo ID Proof

Kindly confirm having recorded the changed address.

Yours faithfully


Signature of the First and Jt.Holder(s)

(as per specimen Registered)

Date :


Can joint-holders request for a change of address?


  1. No. The letter of request will require the signature of the first holder only.


Can there be multiple addresses for a single folio?

  1. No. There can be only one registered address for one folio.

If the shares are dematted, what is the procedure for change of address?

  1. Since your Depository Participant maintains your record of dematted shares, you have to inform them about any change in your address. Your Depository Participant will then pass on this information when any action like dispatch of Annual Accounts or payment of dividend etc., is due to be taken by the company.





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