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What We Do

Share Samadhan is a dedicated team of professionals having niche experience in the area of unclaimed investments. We provide customized service to nagging problems of Lost / Forgotten / Blocked investments in financial instrument such as Shares/ Mutual funds / Provident Fund / Insurance / Postal savigs / Bank accounts etc
Share Samadhan is expert in bringing your money back.

Transfer of Shares

Share Samadhan helps investors facing difficulties with share transfer because of mismatch of signature, loss or mutilation of certificates.

Transmission of Shares

Share Samadhan provides services for share transmission consequent upon death, inheritance, bankruptcy, insolvency and marriage.

Provident Fund

Share Samadhan assit to recover unclaimed / matured Provident Fund / other retirement benefits of employee across India.

Unclaimed Dividend

Share Samadhan brings out unclaimed dividends, bounses, split shares locked for years despite an
investor holding valid

You Speak


“I thought the shares and debentures I was holding in physical form as ‘worthless papers’. Share Samadhan unlocked the value sooner than expected. Share Samadhan understands a client’s need”.


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“I had a wonderful experience with Share Samadhan. The team is not only professional but also cordial and patient. I still cherish my association with Share Samadhan.”


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“I was facing huge problems to transfer shares in my name. Share Samadhan has expertise in sorting out such problems.They solved my problems with great professionalism.”


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Find Your Missing Money!

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