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Assistance In Getting Succession Certificate

Assistance In Getting Succession Certificate

How We Can Help You

Succession certificate is a document issued by a competent court certifying a rightful person to be the successor of a deceased person. There can be more than one successor. This certificate authorizes successor(s) to realize assets of the deceased person through Transmission.

Share transmission is the devolution of title of shares of a shareholder due to death, inheritance, bankruptcy, insolvency, lunacy, marriage or by any other lawful means other than transfer.

Transmission of shares at times is hugely cumbersome and runs into many legal complications. We help our clients by providing services relating to entire range of transmission of shares.

Assistance In Getting Legal Heir Certificate

How We Can Help You

After demise of a family member, his/her legal heirs must obtain a legal heir certificate in order for transferring the assets of the deceased. In order to establish the relationship between the deceased and the legal heirs, legal heir certificate is a very important document to establish the legal ownership. After obtaining the death certificate from municipality/ municipal corporation, it is necessary for the successors to apply for this legal heir certificate in order to claim their right over the properties and dues of the deceased person.

A legal heir certificate identifies the rightful successors who can claim the assets/properties of the deceased person.


Assistance In getting Shares from IEPF (Investor Education & Protection Fund)

Assistance In Getting Succession Certificate

How We Can Help You

. Share Samadhan provides consultancy in claim of shares from IEPF (Investor Education & Protection Fund, Govt of India) where shares and dividend have been transferred to Govt.
. If dividends are unclaimed for continuous 7 years, the dividend as well as shares pertaining to those dividends are transferred to IEPF, an authority under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India.
. Once the shares are transferred to IEPF, the investor needs to complete the numerous formalities to get this entitlement and then approach the Nodal officer of the company to get the verification from company and then ultimately approach IEPF to claim the shares.
. For holding in each separate company, separate claims have to be filed and co-ordination has to be done with Registrar, Company and IEPF as explained above.
. The claim has to be filed online and then physical documents have to be sent by investor to authorities, which are processed and approved by them at various levels.

Claim of Provident Fund / Unclaimed Insurance etc


Thousands of crores are lying unclaimed in the forms of unclaimed provident fund in across India.

How We Can Help You

We provide service to recover unclaimed Provident Fund which remains unclaimed due to following reasons:
. Wrong Name / change of name
. Not having PF number
. Not having UAN/ inactive UAN
. Incomplete KYC
. Incomplete Information seed by company
. Closure of bank account
. Death of Provident fund holder
. Company refused to sign and attest the claim

Assistance in Resolving Property Disputes

How We Can Help You

Share Samadhan will be glad to assist you:

 In case you are not able to get refund of your investment in real estate project which is either delayed or halted.

 In case you are looking for dispute resolution or settlement with builder / developer / colonizer etc.

 In case you are looking for filing suit for your real estate matters

 In case you are looking for consultation in family property dispute resolution

 In case of not getting possession or no penalty for delayed period

Assistance in Resolving Property Disputes

Share Samadhan team backed by Industry seasoned professional having knowledge of entire spectrum of real estate industry helps you to recover your money stuck in property



How We Can Help You

FIR is the First Information Report prepared by the police against an offense. This report legally compels the police to investigate the offense and bring justice to the aggrieved party. This report primarily sets the police into action and the process of investigation begins.

This is the initial report reported by a police officer on duty only. Such a report is either filed by the aggrieved person which may or may not include the victim or any other individual who is aware of the commission of an alleged offense under the Indian Penal Code. The police unit can commence their course of an investigation and follow-ups based on this First Information Report (FIR).

FIR can be filed at the nearest police station in the area of offence. A delayed FIR can demean the importance of the offence apart from tampering with the evidence of such offence.

We help you with assistance in filing a FIR filed for all your Investment Recovery issues pan India.


How We Can Help You

This is an authorized legal document of Government of India.

All parts, section and Sub-section of Gazette of India are uploaded in the egazette website by the concerned Government of India Printing Presses which can be accessed free of cost by the general public being available in the public domain.

Recovery of Unclaimed Dividends / Investment often require the Gazette notification if the Investor or Shareholder’s name in the Shares Certificate does not match with that in their KYC Documents.


Will Drafting

Assistance In Getting Succession Certificate

How We Can Help You

A Will is a legal document enabling you to distribute your assets, belongings, and other investments to your family or whomsoever you wish to transfer after your demise. A Will can be made by any individual.

As a Testator, you shall draft the Will in your own free will, once you are above 18 years of age, to transfer the movable/immovable assets over which you have complete ownership, and which you desire to be carried into effect after your demise.

A well drafted Will ensures smooth succession and helps to avoid disputes or conflicts amongst the family and legal heirs after the death of the testator.

Our legal Counsel will help you have your house, land, money, jewellery, paintings, bank account, insurance policy, shares, provident fund, gratuity, postal deposit, fixed deposit etc., drafted for succession to your Legal Heirs into your Will.


mutual fund

. PAN Card is required by an NRI, if he/she has got a taxable income in India.
. According to the new, rule of SEBI, any NRI not having PAN card cannot do the share trading by depository or broker.
. PAN is also mandatory for an NRI, if he/she would like to invest in Mutual Funds
. If you don’t want to trade but want to purchase some land or other property in India then also it is mandatory to have PAN card issued by Government of India


How We Can Help You

. Death certificate is issued to nearest relatives of the deceased, stating the date, fact and main cause of death.
. It is mandatory to register a death with the concerned State Government within 21 days of its occurrence.
. Death Certificate is then issued after proper verification.
. Death registrations done within beyond 21 to 30 days after the death, will require the certification of the Medical Officer, Health (MOH)


Getting Birth Certificate


Birth Certificate Registration Form is available at the registrar's office (from your municipal authority).

When a child is born in a hospital, the form is provided by the Medical Officer In-charge which has to be filled in within 21 days of birth of the child

If birth is not registered within 21 days of its occurrence, the birth certificate is issued after police verification.

In order to get Indian citizenship for a child born to Indian parent(s) in a foreign country, the birth of the child is to be registered at the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate and thereafter (or at the same time) the parents can apply for issue of an Indian passport for the child.

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